You have it all together, right?

You have it all together, I know you do. Your house is always clean, your baby always slept through the night, you always have a hot, healthy dinner at 6, you have a perfect job, a dream house, a budget that you stick to, happiest family ever, I think I could go on forever! It’s funny how we always think that everyone else has it all together, when I’m not really sure that any of us do. At the same time that I am looking at you thinking that you have it all together and wishing that I did, you are probably looking at the next person and thinking the same. exact. thing. Why do we do this to ourselves?!

Here’s the thing: not many people are going to tell everyone at a party about their money problems or pin pictures of their messy homes or failed projects on their “Dream House” board on Pinterest or upload pictures of their kids crying to their “My Babies ❤ ” album on Facebook, or post that video that you secretly have of a crazy meltdown to YouTube. We are only seeing the good, and we are seeing a lot of it! Of course we want be proud of the good! I’m not saying that we all need to stop posting positive things or that we need to start posting and talking about bad all of the time.  I am saying that we (maybe it’s just me, but I’ll say we hoping there is at least one other person like this out there!) need to realize that all of the good we see and hear about might just be a snippet of life. Even though you might be surrounded by wonderful stories of travel, amazing pins, smiles in all pictures, or “I love my job” status updates (do those exist?), that might make you wish that you had more, remember that you really don’t know what else is going on beyond the happy stories and posts. Realize that even though you might not always hear about it or see it, you are not the only one out there who has tough times or arguments or a baby who doesn’t sleep through the night at 3 weeks old.

Kids or no kids, married or not married, young or old, I think that we all have a tendency to look at others and think, “if only”. Take some time to look at what you do have and realize that what you do have is perfect for you, in this moment! Look at your posts and pictures as an outsider and think, “I really wish that I had it as good as him/her”. And hey, everyone would be better off if you’d post a picture of your messy house, admit that you ate ice cream for dinner at 9 last night, or share that even though you just posted a picture of the happiest baby ever you were in tears 5 minutes ago because you were frustrated.

Happy family, right? How about the 4 days leading up to this that were filled with tears (maybe me more than baby) and no sleep at all.

Happy family, right? What you don’t see is the 4 days and even minutes leading up to this picture that were filled with tears (maybe me more than baby) and no sleep at all. When he finally fell asleep right after this picture we walked, and walked, and walked just for a few minutes of peace.

Join me right now in sharing now an unpinnable look at your life, and do it proudly, knowing you’ll make a lot of other people feel better.

The dining room table: catch all for mail, bags, and more. Great organization!

Sophisticated organization. In our defense, this is Owen's favorite cabinet, he likes to make coffee and tea.

More sophisticated organization. In our defense, this is Owen’s favorite cabinet, he likes to make coffee and tea.

And on that note, let’s all agree to stop going crazy cleaning our homes right before we have company (I even clean before our parents come. That’s just crazy. They all know how we really are, we lived at their houses, remember?). I know you don’t really have it all together. Neither do I. Can we please quit faking?