A new kind of vacation

ImageVacation. How it has changed over the years. Not necessarily in a bad way, but just changed. When I was younger, all I had to worry about was if I had enough pairs of Umbro shorts packed so that I could play tennis and embarrass my parents when we went out to dinner. As I got older it turned into overpacking because I just couldn’t decide what outfits I wanted. And here we are today, on our way home from vacation. A new kind of adult with a kid of my own vacation. A vacation where I am ashamed to admit that I packed dirty clothes because I ran out of time before leaving to finish laundry. And even more ashamed to admit that I was all too excited to actually get laundry done and folded while we were there. Let me tell you how wonderful it is to be coming home with all clean clothes!Image The things that excite me now would really make the vacation me from 10 years ago roll her eyes (rumor has it I did that a lot, but I think that’s a lie).

So if packing dirty clothes isn’t bad enough, we packed up the sewing machine and serger and were actually excited about that too. Yes, we packed up a sewing machine AND dirty laundry, traveled 6 hours (which of course turned into 10)  to a condo near the beach, and felt like this was going to be the vacation we’ve been needing. The vacation that we would not have been able to take if it was not so graciously gifted to us (thank you!!). We were thinking that we would finally  have some free time to work on making fun new things to add to our little shop. Image

 Really what it turned into was a lot of choice words over one particular shirt for an order that we just couldn’t get right and attempting to keep our 1 year old away from the “sheeen!!” What does that say when one of your toddler’s favorite words is “sheeen” for sewing machine?

10 years ago I could have never predicted that this would have been my vacation, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Well maybe at an all-inclusive resort with free flowing mojitos and laundry service, yeah I’m dreaming. We had such a great time just picking up and pretty much living everyday life in a new location, just as a family without needing to leave for work. There was still cooking and laundry and diapers and cleaning and working, but even with all of that the time with just the three of us together was perfect.

The three of us: Katie, Nick, and Little Owen. Living on a tight budget, trying to soak up every second of family time possible, and having a great time doing it. We look forward to sharing our cheapskate ways with you!